Beatriz da Costa, Jamieson Schulte, and Brooke Singer are three artists with varying specializations who bring a broad range of experiences and interdisciplinary interests to their collaborative practice. Da Costa's interests include robotics, bio-tech initiatives and surveillance projects. Her dedication to participatory practice and interaction with the public represents one of the key components of her work. Da Costa recently joined the University of California at Irvine as an Assistant Professor in the new graduate program of Arts, Computation and Engineering. Schulte is an engineer with an interest in designing systems that engage human aesthetics, culture, and politics. He has been a key collaborator in projects ranging from contestational robotics to video surveillance and interactive installations. Schulte is currently a robotics researcher at Stanford University. Singer is a digital media artist and arts organizer based in New York City. Her work and research explores the effects of evolving, digital networks on experience in the physical, lived-in world. Singer is an Assistant Professor of New Media at the State University of New York, Purchase College.

Project Description:

Swipe Street Action will be an urban street action that brings attention to the current practice of driver's license swiping and traces personal data collection into the abstract realms of the information market that, in time, returns to influence particular and localized behavior. Equipped with a tablet laptop, an electronic driver's license scanner and a receipt printer, the street action will enable people to see exactly what data is digitally encoded on their driver's license and visualize what is done with data after it is surreptitiously collected. We will target neighborhoods with businesses (mostly bars and convenience stores) that use license-scanning equipment to build consumer databases without notification or consent by subjects.