As a multidisciplinary artist, Tana Hargest uses humor, fantasy, technology and the language of consumer culture to investigate the hierarchies of power, race, and class. She uses multiple, and at times contradictory identifiers that locate her position in these hierarchies as a starting point. Her work takes the form of video, interactive media product design, and designed environments. She uses new media as a tool to disarm and invite audiences into dialogue.

Project Description:

New Negrotopia is an interactive new media project examining the theme of utopian space and the hegemony of race. The project comes out of current critical dialogues concerning notions of "post-blackness". New Negrotopia will be presented as a post-race island resort and amusement park, modeled on existing theme environment-utopias, such as Disney World, in which the participant is invited to become a tourist through his or her own racial construction and history.