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Diane Ludin

The Future of the Present 2000 presents:
i-drunners: re_flesh the body


We will be developing low-fi avatars: Ephemera, Discordia, Liquid Nation and Metrophage. Their dynamism lies in the construction through streaming net-broadcast media and webpages. Part of their unfolding drama belongs to connections drawn together between each other to illustrate a bloated, informatic world drowning in electricity and telecommunication technologies.

These low-fi avatars will create a world which straddles 'the real' (historic-documentary) and 'the artificial' (fictional-poetic-metaphorical) through text, audio, video and imagery and focus on the ways in which various media/informatic/industrial realms are dominantly female. They reassemble/re_semble themselves 'flesh' with sound, voice, visuals, skin and stories, dreams, scenes - rendering alternatives to the 'realities' we are barraged with by large industries of advertising and entertainment complexes.



i-drunners: re_flesh the body
previously inhabited environments of:
Ephemera          Discordia          Liquid Nation

Thursday, September 28, 2000 i-drunners: re_flesh the body and Mistresses of Technology
Presented at Rhizome OpenMouse™ at FUN. 10-11 PM Press Release

View the archived video

Thursday, September 14, 2000 i-drunners: re_flesh the body
Presented live at Parsons School of Design and netcast live online at franklinfurnace.org.
Press Release for i-drunners:_reflesh the body.
Excerpts of the performance.

Part one
Part two


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