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Susan Lewis

The Future of the Present 2000 presents:

The Minnesota Coat

During her one month residency at Parsons School of Design and Technology, Susan Lewis will explore and examine the process of creating work for 'live' context and the developement of these ideas using the internet. In particular, she wishes to focus on audio streaming technology, and a number of software programs, that will be used to create a website. Susan is interested in the collaborative relationship between performance based art, that is ritualistic in its nature, and, modern technology. How can the practice of non-linear storytelling, rooted in spirit and emotions, be explored on the internet?

Susan Lewis is a London based performance artist, teacher and healer. Her solo work has been performed throughout Europe, U.S and Mexico. She choreographed for various companies including Black Mime Theatre and regularly leads and teaches creative workshops .She has contributed to conferences as a speaker nationally and internationally. Winner of the Time Out/Dance Umbrella performance Award Lewis has also been awarded commissions by I.C.A [London] and Arnolfini [Bristol]. Born of Vincentain and English parents, her social and autobiographical work explores the relationship between movement, performance, sound and digital media. She seeks to channel a dynamic interaction of physical,emotional and spiritual energies into her working practice.

Following are past works and links to more information about Susan Lewis.



Walking Tall.

A mesmerising Dialogue between spirit and flesh. This award winning solo weaves a complex web of emotions, dealing with race, gender, and sexuality; and, intergrates them into a meditative movement performance. Eighty women of Caribbean Heritage, between the ages of 11 to 78 years, worked with Susan in the process of creating the work.

Ladies Falling.

Rum, Sugar, Tea and the Legacy of nineteenth-century, bourgeouis English women, are all used symboloically, with humor and integrity, to examine the notion of "British". Susan has collaborated with Malcom Ellis to produce a film that is an integral part of the performance.

The Minnesota Coat. (not pictured)

Excavating childhood dreams and loss, the work looks at how memory informs our identity. An installation project working with earth and 200 candles. The audience is seated on sofas and cushions in an enclosed, intimate area.

blue. (not pictured)

A group collaboration directed by Susan, and including, Georgia Evans, Delroy Williams, and Lisa Harley. "blue" is a ritualistic storytelling process, exploring the 'masks' we wear in our daily lives and their relationship to religion and spirituality.

(pictured above)
photo stills from "Ladies Falling", courtesy of Ali Zaidi, 1994.

photo still from "Walking Tall",
courtesy of Hugo, 1993


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