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Scott Durkin

The Future of the Present 2000 presents:
Shared Identity

For this event I have coordinated a simultaneous action, the accumulation of sand from East and West coast beaches, with my twin brother across the country. He has completed the designated event as Scott C. Durkin in California, while I completed the action as myself, Scott C. Durkin in New Jersey. Thus I existed in two locations at once. The California version of myself then transported the excavated material (sand) to myself in N.J. Where the excavated material from both events was combined during a live netcast, supported by Franklin Furnace, and then distributed, via US Mail, to others across the country who share the name Scott C Durkin. This piece illustrates the shared identity we all have with complete strangers.

Scott C Durkin was born in a N.J. suburb just outside New York City. He holds both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Fine Arts. Though he has a strong background in drawing and painting, Scott has spent the past four years investigating performance. Presenting pieces at the Hunterdon Museum of Art in Clinton, N.J., the Rondout Bienniel in Kingston, N.Y., the 1999 DUMBO Festival for the Arts in Brooklyn, and at AIM an exhibition presented at the Lime Light in New York City, his work can also be happened upon on the streets of N.Y. and N.J. during one of his many unannounced public events. Scott's art examines identity, art making, family, failed communication and is currently addressing issues surrounding education.


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Legal Scholastic Aptitude Test Event


Decision 2012

Scott Durkin's Artnet Artist Site

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