Wooloo Productions is an international collective founded in 2002.

All Wooloo productions are exploring the potential of basic, non-hierarchical democracies by providing experimental spaces, and a variety of online and physical possibilities, through which users can collaborate both locally and globally.


Every year, half a million asylum seekers enter the European Union. Most of these individuals are placed in “camps” while they await a decision. It takes EU member states on average twelve months or more to consider an application for asylum and in a large majority of cases the application is finally rejected. During this period of uncertain waiting, asylum seekers are excluded from most aspects of larger society. The situation results in a range of isolation and stress-related problems , as well as a strong need for communication with other people living under the same circumstances. Despite this obvious need, there is today no common forum for asylum seekers in Europe.

The AsylumHOME project directly addresses the difficulties faced by asylum seekers. It creates an online community where asylum seekers can share knowledge and advice with others facing similar circumstances. For the individual asylum seeker, AsylumHOME will serve as both a social platform and a personal space for expression. Additionally, AsylumHOME provides European citizens with an opportunity to learn about the people living as asylum seekers in their country.

AsylumHOME encourages people of all backgrounds to use the site to communicate, organise and collaborate for the realisation of a more open and diverse Europe. The system is currently in its test version and the final version will be available in the 10 main languages spoken among asylum seekers in the European Union.

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