Tadej Pogacar
(Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Biography: Tadej Pogacar, born and educated in Ljubljana, Slovenia, has had solo exhibitions throughout Europe, including Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Sweden and Hungary. He received a New York Atelier Grant in 2000 and has been awarded the Grant of Ministry of Culture from Ljubljana, Slovenia five time in the past nine years.

Project description: CODE RED
CODE:RED (1999-2004) is an ongoing project which investigates and discusses the aspects of prostitution and sexual work as a specific form of parallel economy. It researches analogue economic models: those of isolated groups and social minorities. The project uses real and virtual spaces and takes the form of an open dialogue between artists, sex workers and the public selected urban environments and local contexts. Above all the CODE:RED project intends to offer an introduction of economic and political ideas to new social practices and artistic applications. It is a model of cognitive mapping that gives the sex workers - who are among the most marginalized and deprived population groups in the uban environment - a chance to speak out and be seen in a new context. The CODE:RED project represents a prototypical attempt to open and co-create a common ground for communication and dialogue between the public, artists, and the sex workers community.

The CODE:RED USA project is the newest phase of a CODE:RED project. It actively involves local New York organizations for protection and helping sex workers as well as artists, activists, organizers, and sex workers. The CODE:RED USA project consists of public actions, interventions, discussions, a public performance, and a special homepage.
CODE:RED USA homepage http://www.parasite-pogacar.si
The new project homepage will be officially accessible to the public on the Internt as of ... 16th April 2002, 6p.m. New York time. The homepage will contain the basic information on the project, a forum and a short history. The page will be actualized and supplemented with information on realized actions and interventions.

Actions and performance / 29th April - 8th May 2002
Between 29th April and 8th May a series of anonymous conceptual actions on the narrower territory of New York City will take place. Most actions and interventions will take place unannounced, in public areas. All activities will be concluded with a public performance, which will be organized in co-operation with the local organizations for sex workers' rights and organizations for decriminalization of prostitution and activists....