Grupo 609 is a five woman collective from Cuba. Their public performances have received much attention in Cuba as they question the repression and misplacement of women's rights in the Third World. They aim to dislodge the ordinary notions and entrenched social ideals of gender hierarchy and many of their performances are public interventions that draw attention to the social support roles women play but that are more than often taken for granted. Yet Grupo 609 are also known for their humorous parodies which implicate and question various historical and personal feminist problematics, and issues of self-identity and exhibitionism/voyeurism. Their performances have included construction site work in communion dresses, gallery and retail store human-mannequin encampments, straight-from-the-shower street interactions in bathrobes, and a performance of puppets under a bridge for the recent Havana Biennale.

Project Description:

Grupo 609 plan several New York performances, similar to their public interventions in Cuba.