For immediate release:
Contact: Robert Trager 212.332.0878,

The Red Room and The Horse Trade Theatre Present:

The Bench: A Homeless Love Story

written and performed by Galinsky

Only 4 Weeks Remaining October 27 and November 3, 10, 17 10:30pm
in The Red Room (above KGB Bar)
85 East 4th Street betw. 2nd & 3rd ave.
3rd floor $12.00 admission
audience reviews and info at & 212.332.0878

In The Bench we have an ensemble work, being done by one human being, with sustainable characters that have incredible nuances. Conceived as a conventional stage play, it breaks the one-person show structure by not adhering to the monologue following monologue tradition. The Bench is about the relationship that four men have with a woman...about possessing this woman, yet here are these people who are dispossessed... with nothing but emotional bonds that are being threatened and questioned. The thread, that is Galinsky, offers a beauty, rapture, and dynamism that we are not often privy too. The Bench has recently returned from performances at The International Performance Studies Conference in Wales UK and at the Victoria Theatre in Portsmouth England.

Sound design by Genesis P-Orridge & Bryn Dahl, Set & Lighting by Lalalandia & Acri Alinde, Video Projection by Thomas Moore, Robert Trager, and John Randolph.

What Audiences Are Saying About "The Bench"

Strap yourself to The Bench because you're in for one helluva ride! With humour, wit and compassion, Galinsky has written a short masterpiece.
Nicollette Ramirez, Writer

Like Whoopi, Galinsky taps into the nerve, wit, and emotional space of the homeless ghetto that few could successfully capture without being sanctimonious or downright irritating.
Matt Sislowitz Multi-media Consultant

Galinsky's performance is nothing less than mesmerizing...the characters are infused with more depth and personality than can usually be found in most performers' portrayals of just one character.
Eric Knuble, Multi-media Producer

I'm a seen-everything New Yorker and I'd like to report that Galinsky in his BENCH is a phenomenon to behold. He gives a virtuoso performance and the erotic sequences are unforgettable.
Nicholas D. Wolfson Workshop Leader and Fine Artist

It had it all, a great set, great story and hue of characters from which to love or hate coming at you all at the same breaks for character change or regrouping.
Allison Findlater Traffic Supervisor.

Galinsky's vocal range captures the metallic timber of voices that have weathered the icestorms of street life and heartbreak.
Annie Lanzillotto Literature Curator The Kitchen

As theater, it is provocative and rewarding; as an innovative presentation of the narrative, it works so well that one begins to wonder why every other play hasn't been staged so simply and elegantly.
Mike Z, Film maker and Activist

Galinsky could deliver one line from one character, then instantly receive that line and react as another character.
Andrew Einhorn, Internet TV Producer

I really felt there were five people on stage.
Audrey Aloi, Online Editor

Galinsky pimp-shuffles his way out from behind a pile of garbage and Its all here...massive split-screen video backdrops placing us slowly into the vast, lost corners- dimly lit subway stations at 2am, a monoxide haze in an orange sunset cut by a black skyline, ghetto streets and gutted cars and Galinsky showing us a tenacious, if beaten down, humanity within it all.
Thomas Linder Sound Designer

Having worked in the industry for years, I have seen so many shows that leave you no where, while I left this show feeling that this actor/writer/performer had a lot to say and the means to say it.
Kerry Scheidt, Development Associate The Kitchen

I was drawn into the situation and felt like another character hanging out there.
Howard Barash, Photographer

Galinsky's performance itself was not unlike a well crafted Bach chorale or fugue...creating layers at times harmonious and other times resolving into an unexpected cluster of dissonance once again opening us up to yet another character which all seem to be born of each other thru Galinsky himself.
Wayne Lopes. Production Manager at The Kitchen

I felt I was outdoors, watching everything from my own private bench. Although the story of love has oftentimes been used, it was presented in a fresh and moving context. Amazing how only one actor was able to communicate all of that.
Scott A. Ettin, Freelance Writer

Galinsky paints a picture of people so real so alive and so human that you get that very special and rare treat of forgetting that you're in the theatre.
Jay Potter Actor