George Ferrandi
(Gainesville, FL)

Biography: George Ferrandi was a member of Cloud Seeding Circus, a winner of a Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance Art grant in 2000. She has participated in numerous shows across the United States, and most recently lectured at Virginia Commonwealth University in a series called, "Things I Read/Things I Know: A Select History of Performance Art."

Project description: A Tracing in Lighter Colors
The artist uses her aunt's funereal photograph as evidence of a pivotal moment in her family history, attempting to unravel the event with myth, bad memory, and cartoon drawings of rabbits. The presentation is video-based with some animated images but remains deliberately low quality with cheap sound effects.

Event description:
George Ferrandi, FF Alumn, performs at the Chashama Theater, Wednesday, September 4th and 25th, 2002.
George Ferrandi annotates her family's history using a funeral photograph, projections of cartoon rabbits and a toy saxaphone in this darkly whimsical monologue, A Tracing in Lighter Colors. This piece closes out an amazing 2 hour show featuring a wonderfully eclectic bill of musicians, puppeteers and performance artists: Sxip Shirey, Lisa D'Amour, Rema Sands, John Moran and Erin Eagar.
Wednesday, Sept 4th and 25th 8:00 pm
Chashama Theater 125 W. 42nd Street