Brody Condon
Franklin Furnace Future of the Present 2003 artist
"DeResFX.Kill(KarmaPhysics < 5.0Amp)"
with Shih Chieh Huang.

"DeResFX.Kill(KarmaPhysics < 5.0Amp)" is a collaborative sculpture/game work. It will be part of Killer Instinct, a group show at the New Museum.

Killer Instinct
December 12, 2003 - February 1, 2004
Opening Reception:
Thursday Dec 11, 2003. 6:30 - 8PM

Once considered a pastime for kids, games are now a full-fledged part of adult life, situated as a shared public culture not unlike television. Games come off the screen and to life in this exhibition including sculpture, video, painting, and, of course, Ataris and computers. Besides experimental hacks of commercial games, Killer Instinct features artists who use game hardware and software for social commentary as well as in the development of musical and filmic projects. Player, viewer, artist, curator or critic -- the cross-pollination of gaming and art spheres allows visitors to assume several of these roles during the course of the exhibition. Killer Instinct is organized by Anne Barlow and Rachel Greene.

Participating Artists:

Cory Arcangel
Brody Condon
Shih Chieh Huang
Tom Betts/Null Pointer
Paul Johnson
Sunny Kim
Anne Marie Schleiner
Eddo Stern
Bodenstandig (Dragan Espenschied and Bernhard Kirsch) with YM Rockerz

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About Brody Condon:

ENDGAMES Waco Resurrection debuts at The Kitchen

Brody Condon is an artist and educator based in Los Angeles. His current interest is the reverse engineering and exploitation of
3D game development technology. Brody attempts to locate, or fabricate situations and visual works where computer games
and game culture leak outside of the box and into our lived experience. He is currently working with the collaborative /C-Level/
on a series of 3D games based on "alternative utopias and apocalyptic moments."
Upcoming exhibitions include the Whitney Biennial 2004(with Anne-Marie Schleiner and Joan Leandre) and Yerba Buena
Center for the Arts.

My life is a vast ghetto littered with neotolkien elves, eight-barrel rocket launchers, endless hordes of faceless muscle-bound goons, armor-cum-lingerie, the seven artifacts of the evil overlord, a billion overacted cut scenes, terrorists-du-jour, neogeiger aliens, hovertanks, troglodytes, vampires, and +7 potions of healing; all set in a neo-post-industrial steam-cyberpunk castle with teleportals and elevators and platform puzzles in every room. There I am an undercover half-ogre sorcerer carrying a vorpal six-barrel chain gun while riding a Harley into the roman coliseum to battle a cyborg lion controlled by a ghost emperor, which is actually a time traveling nanobot AI, battling for domination over a fictional kingdom that exists only in the minds of mutant Siamese twins.

Brody Condon will also be showing new prints from "Fake Screenshot Contest". The
fake screenshot contest is a collection of recent contributed fake
computer and console game screenshots.