(say "shoo-pah")
We travel. We dance. We sing. We perform. We integrate contemporary issues into poignant, beautifully articulated vignettes. we make metaphor. We sell good souvenirs. We come to a museum or trailer park near you. We sleep on your floor if necessary...

Cloud Seeding: Circus of the Performative Object is a multi-media team which poetically addresses contemporary concerns through the imagery of the traditional circus. We have developed a two hour show, which incorporates live performance, music, video projection, and kinetic sculpture. It will be performed at museums and trailer parks around the country.

Cloud Seeding Circus, 09/22/2000. The Cloud Seeding Circus of the Performative Object is proud to present a two hour circus based performance. The show is produced collaboratively by twelve emerging visual artists from Florida, California, and New York City who have converged at the circus headquarters in Gainesville, Florida. The show combines the glitter and excitement of live performance with video and audio elements, referencing the traditional traveling circus. Starring with the artists are exquisite sculptural objects that manifest as puppets and costumes. A modified trailer converts into a mobile stage for the show. Cloud Seeding Circus is busy planning a tour of the United States -- East Coast to West Coast -- where they will play in traditional art venues as well as festivals, nightclubs, and community centers. See you in Anytown, U.S.A.

Cloud Seeding: Circus of the Performative Object

background: a Cloud Seeding Circus logo/symbol
rollover image: a performer of the Cloud Seeding Circus performance group