GPS Biographies


The ecological activist of the security force, he advocates sustainable, environmentally friendly transportation. GPS I claims to be a direct descendent of the Italian painter Giovanni Bellini. His own portrait pays homage to his ancestor’s meticulous hand in a recreation of Bellini’s Duxe Loredan.


An intellectual agitator and political dissident, he was once a member of a notorious Texan terrorist cell with the single-minded purpose of dismantling the fast food industry. Now, a member of the security force, he fights to protect the very people he once swore to destroy.


His enduring love affair with fast motorcycles and Vatican fashion-sense has made him famous. His direct ancestral connection to the painter Leonardo da Vinci has inspired him to reenact a pose found in one of his ancestor’s most famous paintings – the celebrated portrait of a woman entitled La Belle Ferronière.


A direct descendant of the Cimarron people (runaway slaves of the Dominican Republic), he appears in a costume linked to his familial past – the traditional garb of Caribbean pirates and a theatrical representation of ancient roman centurions – his family having established a theater in Santo Domingo in the eighteenth century.


Emerging under the aegis of China’s fifth dynasty, his family later surfaced in Malaysia and is credited with forging the first legendary Kriss Dagger known as the Heart of the Night. The welder outfit worn in his portrait honors his familial traditions of metalwork and the forge.


A descendant from a clan of professional fighters and mercenaries active in the Balkan region since antiquity, his outfit and makeup pay tribute to the traditional white mourning dress of the region. The white mourning dress is an expression of ferocity and pride.


His deepest roots lie in Venezuela. This portrait pays tribute to his two family branches – boxing and the circus. In this image, the drama of bloodshed set in the ring and the comedy of the clown in the arena share a common space.


The last in a lineage of master confectioners, his family’s sweet creations have heavily influenced confectioners of the German, French, and Mexican schools. The costume worn in the portrait is a tribute to his familial past. This team member constantly boasts that his family sweetened the life of the famous fashion designer Coco Channel.


A Cretan descendant, whose origins can be traced back to the reign of Minos, this member’s family traditions have survived the centuries and currently play an important role in Spanish bull fighting. His portrait relates with this sacrificial reality.


Related to the constabulary of turbulent twentieth century Spain – from which his Tricornio hat is derived – this team member feels a close affinity to a type of affectation proper to both drag and the Mannerist period of portraiture. The clover in the image is associated with his family’s Celtic origins.


Born as a slave in the uranium mines of the planet Alur (slavery was formally reestablished on Alur in the year 2085). His ancestors worked in the coal mines of Asturias, Spain. His attire refers to this professional aspect of his family history.


A proud member of the academic community, he directed the scientific team that cloned the very first human being. Unfortunately, the clone fell victim to an untimely urban air hopper collision.


His heritage links him with the sport of fencing in the city of Buenos Aires and with elephant hunting in Africa. This team member favors the fashion sense of the late twentieth century designer Jean Paul Gaultier. Legend attributes magical powers to one of his ancestors, Lotar Hower, of Munich. He is said to have had the ability to create curative potions from his tears.


An apologist for ultra capitalist theory and the author of an incendiary political essay entitled The Waxing Moon, he was involved in the scandal that eventually overthrew the Saudi Arabian Premier in the year 2097.


A leader in the first revolt of the Bronx, occurring in the year 2165, the team member has been granted political clemency in exchange for joining the GPS. Prior to becoming a member of the syndicate, he was incarcerated in an American super maximum security prison in the Honduran City of Tegucigalpa.


He is credited with leading the most successful medical campaign against disease in Africa – a campaign founded by the French and Venezuelan governments. Another notable team member and fellow collaborator on the project, was the distinguished nutritionist George Guldalian.


His vampiric lineage emerged at the same time as the Sijk religion – both born of the heavily restrictive Indian religions of the fifteenth century. His appearance as warrior and noble in this image can be traced back to the first portraits of his ancestors by the Master Gunjit Singh Sawhney.


Grandson of the famous Hollywood actor Simon Britt, before signing up with the GPS this member gained some success as a literary author for his work on the dual nature of man and beast.

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