Lisa Bufano is an interdisciplinary artist who lives and works in the Franklin Street artist community in Allston, Massachusetts, and is an award-winning animator and doll-maker whose recent initiation into performance-based work has lead to an international collaboration and support with the University of Linz. Bufano was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1972. She is a School of Fine Arts and Tufts University graduate.


In Morphology, Lisa Bufano, a bilateral below the knee and finger amputee, will use mechanical sculpture, props and prosthetics to transform her body to discover its ‘natural’ movement. Through performance, Bufano will explore themes such as the conspicuous nature of processing a deformed body in public, achieving acceptance through merit, the universal human desire for comfort, lifestyle modifications inherent in living with prosthetics and the quest to evolve para-human abilities through technology. Outdoor performances and processions will occur bimonthly in Boston and NewYork, will be videotaped and podcast online.