Grant Calendar

January 15, 2018

Open call for proposals to the Franklin Furnace Fund.

April 1, 2018

Deadline to submit all application materials.

June/July 2018

A Selection Panel meets to review applications and select artists to receive the grants. The panel consists of five artists who meet for three consecutive days at Franklin Furnace. Every year the panel is composed of new members. Franklin Furnace staff acts as moderators but does not make any decisions. Franklin Furnace does not record the panel’s discussion and cannot give feedback.

August 2018

Artists receive a letter by regular mail informing them of the panel's decision. After this letter is sent applications that have included a SASE are returned to the artists. Artists who have chosen to pick up their application may do so by October 1, 2018.

Late August 2018

After Franklin Furnace receives the completed Contract, W-9 Form, Release Form, Honorarium Form, Bio and Project Description Form from the selected artists, a check for 50% of the grant is sent.

September 2018

Official announcement of selected artists is posted at Franklin Furnace website and in a Special Goings On, Franklin Furnace’s weekly electronic newsletter.

Ideally the artist will present their piece within a year. One month before the performance the artist meets with the Franklin Furnace staff to discuss documentation plans and publicity, whereupon the second check for 40% of the grant is issued.

November 2018

Franklin Furnace hosts an event at Pratt Institute to welcome the new 2018-19 class of Franklin Furnace Fund grant recipients. Grant recipients will give short presentations of their newly funded projects.

September 2018-August 2019

The artist receives the final check for 10% of the grant after completion of their project, if and only if Franklin Furnace receives:

  1. High resolution visual documentation. For digital photos we'd prefer images in the raw file format of the camera that took the pictures or TIF files. For digital video we would like final edited documentation in the least compressed format you can provide.
  2. Completed Final Report Form with factual information and a final description of the event.
  3. Program or printed material thanking the Franklin Furnace Fund and its supporters.